Evolution of Education

(A.B.L.E.): A Revolutionary Technology Transforming Educatio…

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Evolution of Education

(A.B.L.E.): A Revolutionary Technology Transforming Education

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Traditional learning methods have always revolved around the same ideals: the teacher presents information to the students, the students complete repetitive tasks to promote memorization or “rote learning”, and the teacher verifies their comprehension through broadly designed tests.

Aside from creating an environment where critical thinking is not emphasized and regurgitation of information is, this traditional learning method is highly incompatible with many students and their varying personal learning styles (visual, audible, kinesthetic). Rote learning builds an ambiguous understanding of concepts without the full comprehension to use those concepts in a real-world context.

While the core of rote learning can be effective in some instances (multiplication tables, phonics, etc.) it simply promotes memorization: this memorization without context is stored more in their short-term memory where students are unable to make direct correlations to functional usage.

We recognized that in our specific field of martial arts, our goal was to avoid a scenario where rote learning was the result. For us and other numerous instructors in activities such as golf, music, or any other skill-based pursuit, the pandemic caused a major shift in traditional education methods and led to a widespread transition to online learning. This allowed students more autonomy and accountability in their studies. However, as online learning was hastily implemented nationwide, many people were unfamiliar with its standards, resulting in a challenging beginning.

We wanted to transform the learning experience for our students, but hesitation overcame the desire due to this hasty online transition. We knew that we needed a better way than what was readily available to present our information: we wanted our students to not only have all their materials at their fingertips but give them the chance to learn at their own pace without becoming overwhelmed and discouraged.

That’s when our team stepped in! Recognizing this disparity between traditional and online learning, we believed that students deserved a more comprehensive and fulfilling educational experience that could be tailored to their unique learning styles. Here’s what we designed…

We created the first ever Aptitude Based Learning Extension (A.B.L.E.). A.B.L.E. is a groundbreaking comprehensive learning and fulfillment platform that consists of:

  1. Tutorial Videos – in the Challenge Tutorials Section on the website, you can watch an overview of the 5-Star Challenge as well as in-depth education videos designed to help you master every aspect. Every challenge has a “5-Star Demonstration”: this simply is an example of how you are to perform the challenge ideally.
  2. Video Upload – After students have adequately practiced the material, film yourself performing the challenge and upload under the appropriate heading.
  3. Star Rating – Your instructor will grade your challenge and you will receive anywhere from 1 to 5 Stars along with comments.
  4. Progress Meter – Each student has a progress meter which provides a real-time indicator of how far you are from your next milestone. Every time you earn stars, you will see your progress meter increase. If you would like to improve on some of your graded challenges, you can always upload a new version.  Your progress meter will take the higher score!
  5. Leaderboard – Now you can also compete against other students! Every successful challenge will add stars to your ABLE profile.  Our leaderboard keeps track of all students’ progress on total stars accumulated as well as the number of coveted “5-Star Challenges” that students receive for top-notch submissions!

ABLE is based upon the revolutionary concept of “Challenge-Based” progress where students can advance through the program when they are ready. No more being bogged down with endless irrelevant classes, feeling uncomfortable if they fall behind or want to move ahead, and unnecessary drills/repetition.

With our aptitude-based training, a student can speed through the challenges they have the talent for while spending the necessary time to master the challenges that prove to be more difficult. This flexible customization has proven to be so beneficial, we found that students were ascending the leaderboard twice as fast as those in a traditional classroom.

(For more information on our research, check out our blog https://btateam.org/benefits-of-online-martial-arts-training-achieves-data-driven-results/)

A.B.L.E.’s platform provides a clear pathway to your end goal, and…

  • You will always know what you need to practice.
  • You can always look and study ahead to advance through your milestones even faster!
  • You can always look back on classes and curriculum that you may have missed.
  • You can upload videos of you performing the challenges to save a permanent record of your journey.

The best part is that all materials and videos are available to you whenever and wherever you might need them. Your dashboard provides a step-by-step picture of where you’re at within your personal learning journey, so you can plan around your goals.

A.B.L.E. has managed to create a learning environment that is not only productive and conducive to success but is also FUN! Our gamification of education motivates, inspires, and builds a strong foundation of confidence and self-discipline. Because of this, students have reported that they are spending more time practicing within the online ABLE module than in their traditional classrooms!

Our proven success with online learning has changed the education/skill acquisition world indefinitely. As educators, it is crucial for us to stay vigilant and responsive to the dynamic world of education and skill acquisition. To effectively fulfill our role, we must continuously stay updated on the latest trends and statistics, as adapting our curriculum to suit the needs of our students is of utmost importance.

By remaining proactive and flexible, we can ensure that our teaching methods align with the evolving demands of the education landscape, equipping our students with the necessary skills to thrive in an ever-changing world.


A.B.L.E. has partnered with Believing Through Achieving to offer its revolutionary technology to those who need it most but cannot afford it – through this non-profit partnership, we can offer our program at a very low cost or free in some cases.

If you’re interested in learning more about how A.B.L.E. could work for your learning/skill acquisition platform, please reach out to us: r.diamant@achieve.zone



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Build skills. Achieve belts. Boost confidence.

Join thousands of students building martial arts mastery though the support of expert instructors, simple videos and guided practice in the comfort of your home.

Master Your Potentials in 4 Simple Steps!

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