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Joshua's Story
High School Student
Trudy's Story
Domestic Violence Survivor, Mother of 2
Natalia's Story
College Student
Sarah G.'s Testimonial

My daughter was embarrassed and laughed at in her karate class, BTA has given her the tools to build her confidence on her terms. My husband and I have seen a positive change in her overall attitude since she began her BTA membership. Thank you BTA!

Ethan G.'s Testimonial

Everyone should try this, the first month is FREE!!! I needed something new, and this user-friendly platform, along with the martial arts program has given me a kick-butt mentality in everything I do now, and the challenges are super-cool!

Monica R.'s Testimonial

BTA/Achieve has been a game-changer for me. This martial arts program has empowered me to confidently voice my needs and navigate life's challenges with newfound assertiveness and resilience.

Mark's Story
Phd in Educational Sciences
Manal's Story
Teacher and Mother of 4
Matt's Story
Triathlete, Father of 3
Carrie N.'s Testimonial

My Achieve Martial Arts  journey has been exactly what I was looking for, an online training membership that allowed me to improve my strength and flexibility while pushing my limits both mentally and physically. The discipline and focus that I have because of this, has made me a much better martial artist.

Bryan H.'s Testimonial

As someone who has a challenging schedule that is constantly changing, the Achieve Martial Arts platform has given me the opportunity to achieve what once seemed impossible. Because of this online curriculum, the sky is now the limit with my martial arts journey.

Carlos J.'s Testimonial

The Achieve platform has improved my skills tenfold. I am now able to learn at a faster pace and always have the perfect references/tutorial videos to fall back on, if I forget anything. It's like having a personal instructor available 24 hours today.

Blake's Story
Future Instructor
BTA Affiliate Story
Blake & Teague Story
Recent Instructor Graduate
Shontoya T.'s Testimonial

We were informed that the best activities for our son would be horseback riding, bowling, and Martial Arts. Unfortunately, the nearest farm is a 2-hour drive, and the bowling alley is too loud. We tried BTA’s online Martial Arts program and it’s absolutely the perfect activity that we’ve been looking for. For the first time, our son can control every aspect of the activity. As my husband said, “it’s almost as they heard what we needed and created it for us!” Thank you so much BTA!!!!

Laura W.'s Testimonial

This membership has been a transformative journey for our daughter. She loves punching, kicking and defending, but more importantly, it as given her a greater level of confidence and unlocked a new level of self-awareness and personal growth. Thank you BTA!

Timothy G.'s Testimonial

BTA/Achieve online karate challenges and tutorials are exactly the resources and support that we were looking for. It has helped our son create new goals, accomplish those goals, and shape his path with confidence.