Evolution of Education

The Achieve Method: Mastering Modern Education | BTA

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Evolution of Education

The Achieve Method: Mastering Modern Education | BTA

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Revolutionize Learning with the Achieve Method

Education has always been the cornerstone of progress, encouraging individuals to develop their intellect and skills.

Throughout history, classrooms filled with eager minds and passionate teachers have served as the traditional hubs of knowledge.

While this system remains a crucial foundation for learning, modern-day students find themselves presented with a display of alternative approaches, each offering unique advantages and opportunities.

Private tutoring has long been revered for its personalized and one-on-one approach, catering to individual learning styles and fostering a deep understanding of subjects. On the other hand, the digital age has brought forth a wealth of online resources, granting access to a vast treasure chest of information right at our fingertips through seemingly endless virtual libraries. In addition, an unexpected and immersive twist has been added to the mix, as video game-inspired educational platforms have gained traction, tapping into the intrinsic motivation of learners through gamified experiences.

As technology continues to revolutionize every aspect of our lives, it has inevitably left its mark on the way we learn. It is no longer a black and white linear process, but rather a creative journey where the student can discover their learning strengths and capitalize on their opportunities to improve.

The traditional classroom settings we all grew up with now co-exist with these cutting-edge methodologies (private tutoring, online libraries, and video game-inspired learning) and the only place where it’s happening in a blended learning format is on the Achieve Platform.

…So How Did We Do It?

During the pandemic, our instructors realized that there was an extensive gap in the learning process, far reaching amongst our students, where community and accessibility lacked. In addition, we noted that linear skill development was falling by the wayside and student motivation was waning.

Why was this happening?

Well, we deduced that while restrictions forced many to stay home, students lost the community they found with us in the dojo. Many couldn’t attend classes, and with that…they lost accessibility. As attendance dropped, motivation dropped and unfortunately, skill development and progress were lost.

We realized that there was an untapped opportunity at our fingertips where students could not only gain the functionality of flexible and accessible martial arts but retain the benefits and progress faster with gamified motivational challenges…all at the click of a mouse.

With over 90 years of combined teaching experience, our team decided to combine the four methodologies we mentioned…

  • Traditional Classroom Education
  • Private, One-on-One Tutoring
  • Online Library Education
  • Online Video Games

…and offer our students the groundbreaking Achieve Learning Platform. These four methodologies have created the most effective, proven education experience where students not only advance to the next belt rank faster but retain information more thoroughly and effectively than just standard classroom learning alone.

Let’s dive deeper into each education method, and you’ll see why combining them into our unique learning platform is the most comprehensive and effective approach.

Traditional Classroom Education

Perhaps the greatest benefit of classroom education is the community. Students can socialize and spend time with their peers for a couple of hours in the day in a traditional environment.

They can work with one another and assist each other in a relatively supportive environment where meaningful connections are made, and friendships are born.

Accessibility is relatively high for those in a middle to upper class social group (children who have parents that are financially secure and can bring them to and from class without too much effort).

In a traditional classroom environment, both linear skill development and motivation often face significant challenges. The primary reason for this lies in the inherent limitations imposed by having a diverse group of students with varying learning styles and levels of comprehension.

Within this heterogeneous mix of learners, each student possesses their unique set of goals and needs, making it challenging for the instructor to cater to individual differences effectively. With limited time and resources, teachers often find themselves compelled to adopt a one-size-fits-all approach, targeting the middle of the group. Consequently, some students may feel disengaged and left behind, while others might feel unchallenged and unmotivated to excel.

This situation is further compounded by the necessity to focus on skill development and progress for the entire class simultaneously. As a result, individualized attention and support are often compromised, hindering optimal growth for each student.

Within a traditional classroom, whether it’s in a dojo or a regular public school, individualized attention will always be an issue. Students are continuously pushed through curriculum because instructors do not have the resources or the time to individually address each student’s needs.

Because of this, motivation dissipates, and students become frustrated.

Private, One-on-One Tutoring

To prevent student burnout, the best method of education is private, one-on-one tutoring.

An individualized learning plan allows an instructor to tailor education to a student’s strengths and areas of improvement so burnout isn’t even an option.

Linear skill development works most effectively in a one-on-one environment where a student can develop their own personal journey in education.

This creates motivation for the student to push through any learning adversity they might encounter as they build their confidence. Being able to learn at their own pace, one-on-one, allows their self-esteem to grow as well.

Unfortunately, with private learning comes the sacrifice of community and accessibility. Many families are unable to afford the high costs of private tutoring and the schedule conflicts that accompany it, and therefore cannot reap the benefits that it hosts. In addition, it can be difficult to give up the social aspects of building friendships and meaningful connections with peers.

Online Library Education

One of the greatest additions to the world of education has been the ability to search for anything and everything online. It’s true – if you can’t find it online, you probably can’t find it!

Accessibility is unparalleled: there isn’t anything else available like it. If you decide to research at midnight, it’s there for you.

But what about credibility?

With a multitude of sources vying for our attention, it becomes crucial to ensure that the subject matter we research is accurate and reliable.

One of the primary concerns is the proliferation of content produced by individuals lacking a lifetime of expertise or genuine intent to educate. In this fast-paced era, some content creators prioritize quick profits over providing accurate and trustworthy information. As consumers of knowledge, we must exercise caution and adopt critical thinking to distinguish between valuable insights and dubious claims.

It’s important to remember that online libraries are simply a tool used for your independent study within the realm of a guided education.

Your community, linear skill development abilities, and motivation are not dependent on this library. Those are all dependent on your involvement in the learning process. This includes the curriculum that you’re given by your instructor/teacher, etc.

Online library education is a piece of the education puzzle, but truly cannot be used on its own as it is just a tool in the bigger picture.

Online Video Games

While video game style motivation in education has gained popularity in recent years, video games themselves have been around for decades.

What is it exactly that motivates people to engage in a video game?

Science has proven that playing video games releases dopamine, the “feel good” chemical in our brains. It can cause a person to become addicted, to a degree.

Our team picked up on this and brought it into our curriculum.

The community and motivation aspects of the video game community are high. Think about discord communities: they play together for HOURS at a time. They arrange meetings, get together after work, etc. They live to spend time with one another online.

Their accessibility is relatively high as well. Because their activities are online, they can access everything essentially anywhere. Aside from daily commitments, they can participate whenever and wherever they like.

Unfortunately, linear skill development is lacking. When in video game mode, instructions are limited to a scrolling screen of videos or an FAQ page. Students that are working with a video game generally must pocket their questions or concerns for later, and that can cause issues overall especially for children who may have learning challenges.

Why did Achieve get it right?

With a rich history of educating students from diverse backgrounds, including those with neurodivergent and neurotypical traits, as well as economically disadvantaged individuals, we recognized the need for an inclusive program.

Each teaching method offered valuable insights, like pieces of a puzzle. By harnessing ABLE technology, (https://achievemartialarts.btateam.org/able/) we ingeniously assembled these elements into an exceptional online learning platform. This integration of various educational approaches sets our platform apart with:

  • Community interaction via the leaderboards
  • Linear skill development and individualized instructor feedback
  • Motivation through gamification
  • Accessibility through the world’s largest online martial arts library

Thus, granting unparalleled flexibility to learners who can tailor their schedules and train in the environment they find most conducive to their success.

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Build skills. Achieve belts. Boost confidence.

Join thousands of students building martial arts mastery though the support of expert instructors, simple videos and guided practice in the comfort of your home.

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