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Industry-leading Martial Arts instructors with a combined 100+ years of innovative teaching experience, have created the first of its kind fully interactive online system, which is proven to be more effective than in-person private instruction.

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The only training program that breaks down Martial Arts instructions into
easy- to-follow steps that lead to big results. Your next belt may be one click away.

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Shontoya T.'s Testimonial

We were informed that the best activities for our son would be horseback riding, bowling, and Martial Arts. Unfortunately, the nearest farm is a 2-hour drive, and the bowling alley is too loud. We tried BTA’s online Martial Arts program and it’s absolutely the perfect activity that we’ve been looking for. For the first time, our son can control every aspect of the activity. As my husband said, “it’s almost as they heard what we needed and created it for us!” Thank you so much BTA!!!!

Laura W.'s Testimonial

This membership has been a transformative journey for our daughter. She loves punching, kicking and defending, but more importantly, it as given her a greater level of confidence and unlocked a new level of self-awareness and personal growth. Thank you BTA!

Timothy G.'s Testimonial

BTA/Achieve online karate challenges and tutorials are exactly the resources and support that we were looking for. It has helped our son create new goals, accomplish those goals, and shape his path with confidence.

Martial Arts Instruction unlike any other.









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Our Advantage

Our educational strategy was designed for the under served,
where traditional educational models and environments have failed them.

Martial arts have proven to be an excellent and effective tool to increase self-esteem and confidence. As you progresses through the challenges and ranks, you will experience a sense of satisfaction, pride, and confidence that will elevate your overall sense of self.

In response to the inconsistencies found in teaching across studio locations, our Master Instructors were motivated to create a program that guarantees unwavering consistency in training, regardless of the student’s schedule or location.

You will never feel “out of place” with us. Because training takes place at home, you can work towards your individual goals on your own time, in your comfort zone. This eliminates the anxiety and discomfort that many autistic individuals experience in social situations.

BTA’s online martial arts program offers autistic individuals a comprehensive, flexible program utilizing video modeling within a personalized learning experience with one-on-one feedback, ensuring you can engage comfortably in tailored training from home without high costs or rigid schedules.

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