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Joshua's Story
High School Student
Trudy's Story
Domestic Violence Survivor, Mother of 2
Natalia's Story
College Student
Sarah G.'s Testimonial

My daughter was embarrassed and laughed at in her karate class, BTA has given her the tools to build her confidence on her terms. My husband and I have seen a positive change in her overall attitude since she began her BTA membership. Thank you BTA!

Ethan G.'s Testimonial

Everyone should try this, the first month is FREE!!! I needed something new, and this user-friendly platform, along with the martial arts program has given me a kick-butt mentality in everything I do now, and the challenges are super-cool!

Monica R.'s Testimonial

BTA/Achieve has been a game-changer for me. This martial arts program has empowered me to confidently voice my needs and navigate life's challenges with newfound assertiveness and resilience.

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Our Advantage

Our educational strategy was designed for the under served,
where traditional educational models and environments have failed them.

Martial arts have proven to be an excellent and effective tool to increase self-esteem and confidence. As you progresses through the challenges and ranks, you will experience a sense of satisfaction, pride, and confidence that will elevate your overall sense of self.

In response to the inconsistencies found in teaching across studio locations, our Master Instructors were motivated to create a program that guarantees unwavering consistency in training, regardless of the student’s schedule or location.

With our structured online martial arts program available 24/7, you can embark on a worry-free personal growth journey without concerns about transportation or availability. Train conveniently from anywhere, any time.

Dealing with the financial burden of daily living may seem insurmountable and can exacerbate existing challenges. BTA offers you an extremely discounted/free opportunity to begin your martial arts journey online.

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