Unseen Struggles: The Reality of Autism

Imagine a world where being different means facing daily challenges that many of us never consider. Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) affects 1 in 54 children in the United States alone, a number that has been steadily rising.

These children encounter hurdles far beyond what their neurotypical peers face—intense bullying, overwhelming depression, and an alarmingly higher prevalence of suicidal thoughts.

Yet, despite these staggering challenges, autism remains underrepresented in mainstream conversations and support systems.

Psychologist discusses new CDC data
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Reimagining Support: Bridging Gaps for Autism

The truth is startling: our society’s current framework for supporting children with autism is woefully inadequate.

The narrative is often silent on the struggles and triumphs of those with ASD, leaving them and their families feeling isolated and forgotten.

It’s a harsh reality that we have the power to change.

Bullied for Being Different
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Breaking Barriers: Martial Arts as a Beacon for Autism

Here’s where hope shines through: martial arts. Renowned not just for physical development but for fostering mental and emotional growth, martial arts is a proven ally in improving the lives of individuals with autism.

It’s a practice that nurtures discipline, focus, and, importantly, sensory integration.

However, access to quality martial arts training is a significant barrier, with geography, finances, and the scarcity of skilled instructors standing in the way.

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Martial Arts Instruction: A New Dawn

BTA is designed to be intuitive, supportive, and rewarding. Every challenge is an opportunity for progress, not just for the student, but for the entire support network around them. Our platform guides non-experts in martial arts through a structured, week-by-week curriculum, culminating in the joy of achievement and recognition within our global community.

In partnership with LIFE College

Life College is a revolutionary accredited institution that provides higher learning and vocational training to foster independence, employment, and overall well-being for all of their students.

The best part of their program is that it enables our therapists to take the role of instructor – they can easily incorporate the platform into their pre-planned goals as supplementary curriculum.

Phil Prickett
Program Director

Catalyzing Change: A Sustainable Model for Inclusive Impact

Challenges individuals living with autism have to face – ABC News

Our Financial Model: Seeding the Future

At the heart of Believing through Achieving (BTA) lies a dual-model approach, with our financial model designed to ensure both sustainability and widespread accessibility.

Funding will enable us to conduct pilot trials with occupational therapists, ABA professionals, specialized schools, and camps.

These trials will prove the effectiveness and value of our platform in enhancing the lives of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

  • Objective: Secure seed funding for pilot trials to demonstrate the platform’s impact.
  • Future Vision: Transition to a self-sustaining model with a monthly membership fee for professional and client access, ensuring ongoing accessibility and quality of service.

Our Service Model: Bridging Socioeconomic Divides

ASD knows no socioeconomic boundaries—it affects individuals across all backgrounds.

Yet, access to diagnosis, support, and enrichment activities like martial arts varies greatly with socioeconomic status.

Our program recognizes and addresses this diversity:

  • Statistical Insight: Children from low-income families are diagnosed with autism 1.5 years later than their higher-income counterparts, underscoring the urgent need for accessible solutions (American Journal of Public Health).
  • Universal Design: To create a program that works effectively for everyone, regardless of their economic situation. By leveraging the support of those who can afford our services, we can extend our reach to those who cannot.

Building a Unified Community

Beyond individual benefits, BTA serves as a powerful community builder. Our platform breaks down barriers between ethnic and socioeconomic groups, fostering an environment where all members can compete, mentor, and achieve based on merit and hard work.

Community Impact: Our global ranking and badge system encourages participants from all walks of life to engage, contribute, and grow together, promoting understanding and solidarity across diverse groups.

The Transformative Power of Your Donation

Every donation to BTA is an investment in a future where no child with ASD is denied the opportunity to thrive due to economic constraints. By supporting us today, you’re laying the groundwork for a program that not only benefits individuals across the socioeconomic spectrum but also strengthens the fabric of our communities

Your Impact: Your contribution enables us to launch our pilot trials, proving the platform’s value and kickstarting our journey towards self-sufficiency and inclusivity.

A Brighter Future: With your help, we can ensure that every child with ASD, regardless of their family’s financial situation, has access to a supportive, enriching, and empowering community.

Your support goes beyond funding—it’s a catalyst for lasting change, empowering children with ASD to achieve their fullest potential while fostering a more inclusive, understanding world.

Transforming Challenges into Triumphs

Providing the Martial Arts Tool to the Experts that can Utilize it Most Effectively

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