Your support can unlock potential and provide transformative martial arts training to autistic individuals in underserved communities.
Help us bridge the gap for those facing financial and geographical barriers to accessing this proven therapeutic intervention.

Over Three Decades of Teaching Success

An Instructor’s Experience

Across Multiple States

Locations throughout Utah, Nevada and California

Pioneered Real-Time Progress Tracking

Digital badges and updates provide immediate feedback and recognition.

Introduced Linear Learning

Curriculum designed to progress in difficulty, ensuring students are challenged.

Invented Challenge-Based Training

Customized Education based upon individual skill sets.

International Journal of environmental research and Public Health, 2021

“Confirms positive effects of 8-week adapted judo training in repetitive behaviors, interaction, communication and emotional responses in children with ASD.”

Journal of Autism Development Disorders, 2015

“MMA improves executive functioning in school-aged children with ASD with improvements in externalizing behaviors and academic success.”

Journal SPOTIF, 2022

“Karate training in children with autism has been shown to reduce emotional, social, and executive dysfunction in children with ASD.”

Journal of Autism and Development Disorders, 2019

“Karate techniques training effectively reduce communication deficit of children with ASD.”

Department of Psychology, University of South Carolina, 2014

“Moderate to vigorous physical activity is especially beneficial to children with ASD
including improved physiological, cognitive, psychological, and behavioral functioning.”

Why Support Believing Through Achieving:

Credibility and Innovation

With a foundation built on expertise in martial arts and a deep understanding of autism’s unique challenges, our nonprofit and online platform stand at the forefront of innovative education.

Our pilot programs have shown promising results, and with your help, we can extend this opportunity to many more.

Community Empowerment: Teach and Transform Together

Unlock the power of community with our groundbreaking platform, designed to enable members to teach and uplift each other through martial arts.

By democratizing instruction, we foster a network of local heroes, transforming lives and strengthening bonds. 

Join us in creating a movement of mutual growth and support, one challenge at a time. 

Life College Success Story

The best part of their program is that it enables our therapists to take the role of instructor – they can easily incorporate the platform into their pre-planned goals as supplementary curriculum.

Phil Prickett
Program Director

Join Us: Making a Difference Together

Your contribution can change lives. 

Here’s how you can help us extend the transformative power of martial arts to those who need it most. 

Together, we can create a world where geographic and financial barriers no longer prevent autistic individuals from accessing the therapeutic benefits of martial arts.