Neurodivergent Learning

Autism Spectrum Disorder and the Challenges of Learning

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Neurodivergent Learning

Autism Spectrum Disorder and the Challenges of Learning

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Learning challenges often come as a byproduct with children who are affected with ASD. According to E.W. Dolan (2020), approximately 30 to 61 percent of children with ASD are also encumbered with ADHD (Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder) in addition to other varying challenges they experience in a learning environment.
With over one million teens affected by ASD in the next decade aging out of school-based autism services, it is important for us to determine how we can demonstrate solid, foundational habits that these children can utilize as they move closer to independence (Autism Speaks, 2022).

It’s Your Choice

One of the most important pieces to a successful, comprehensive learning plan is structure and repetition. In fact, according to C. Latrielle (2021), structure and repetition can help reduce anxiety in children (affected with ASD) and help them focus on individual goals. While this may be offered in many traditional classrooms, the reality is that most teachers are too overwhelmed to attend to each of their students individually.
Private instruction provides a remedy: individualized, custom learning plans and attention/feedback designed for your student with structure they can adhere to and repetition that makes sense to them. Unfortunately, many families are unable to afford the exorbitant costs that are inherent with private lessons. In addition, it is often difficult to attend private instruction due to existing schedule conflicts.

Believing Through Achieving has solved this problem.

Our program not only offers students the ability to “privatize” their education, but it also provides the flexibility that many families require. Your student can learn with us regardless of their challenges at their own pace, in the environment that is most comfortable for them.
Through partnerships that we have created, such as Achieve Martial Arts, your child can acquire different skillsets that also allow them the freedom to choose their learning journey. With this flexibility, the learning process becomes more fluid and functional rather than stressful and cumbersome.
We have structured our curriculum so our students can be held to their own specific standard, not the standard of other students within the classroom. Through a different style of motivation called gamification, our children are excited to move forward in the lessons and enjoy the recognition and rewards they receive when they progress.

These learning methods have proven incredibly successful for all types of students: our instructors have been utilizing these styles for decades with positive results across the board.

BTA was designed for this purpose: to offer an inclusive learning environment where children of all backgrounds and challenges can excel without the worry of excessive costs or scheduling conflicts.

Chat with one of our instructors today and customize a learning experience for your child they will never forget!




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