Empowering Caregivers: Utilizing Martial Arts for Autism Support

Over Three Decades of Teaching Success

An Instructor’s Experience

Across Multiple States

Locations throughout Utah, Nevada and California

Pioneered Real-Time Progress Tracking

Digital badges and updates provide immediate feedback and recognition.

Introduced Linear Learning

Curriculum designed to progress in difficulty, ensuring students are challenged.

Invented Challenge-Based Training

Customized Education based upon individual skill sets.

Each person has their own unique journey to accomplishment and excellence.

Martial Arts vs. "Traditional Physical Education"

Targeted Sensory Integration

Vestibular System

Martial arts practice involves various movements that improve balance and spatial orientation, crucial for students who may struggle with vestibular processing. This can lead to greater calmness and stability in everyday activities.

Proprioceptive Input

The deliberate movements required in martial arts enhance proprioception, giving students a better sense of their body in space, which is essential for self-regulation and motor skills development.

Interoceptive Awareness

Through focusing on breathing and internal states during practice, students develop a heightened awareness of their emotional and physiological states, aiding in emotional regulation and the ability to respond more effectively to sensory stimuli.

International Journal of environmental research and Public Health, 2021

“Confirms positive effects of 8-week adapted judo training in repetitive behaviors, interaction, communication and emotional responses in children with ASD.”

Journal of Autism Development Disorders, 2015

“MMA improves executive functioning in school-aged children with ASD with improvements in externalizing behaviors and academic success.”

Journal SPOTIF, 2022

“Karate training in children with autism has been shown to reduce emotional, social, and executive dysfunction in children with ASD.”

Journal of Autism and Development Disorders, 2019

“Karate techniques training effectively reduce communication deficit of children with ASD.”

Department of Psychology, University of South Carolina, 2014

“Moderate to vigorous physical activity is especially beneficial to children with ASD
including improved physiological, cognitive, psychological, and behavioral functioning.”

Extensive Experience

Over 100 years combined teaching experience

Education Pioneers

Developed first fully-integrated Linear Learning System to get Better… Faster!

Josh George

Founder & CEO
7th Degree Black Belt

Jeff Kash

6th Degree Black Belt

Robert Diamant

5th Degree Black Belt

The Achieve Method

The Achieve Platform: Easy Integration – Massive Benefits

Big Improvements, but Pretty Simple, Right?


Weekly Coordination Challenges set up like Video Game Levels


Daily Lesson Plans are Scientifically Paced to maximize success


Personalized feedback so the student always knows how to improve on each challenge


Progress Meter provides real-time feedback to how close the student is to their next belt!

Our platform has evolved so that educators, therapists, and caregivers can teach this curriculum as a tool for higher development.

Our Gamification Education model enhances the “See One, Do One, Teach One” success concept

You Can Start Teaching this Martial Arts Yourself… Today!

In partnership with LIFE College

Life College is a revolutionary accredited institution that provides higher learning and vocational training to foster independence, employment, and overall well-being for all of their students.

The best part of their program is that it enables our therapists to take the role of instructor – they can easily incorporate the platform into their pre-planned goals as supplementary curriculum.

Phil Prickett
Program Director

Our Platform Integrates With Multiple Therapies

Incorporating Martial Arts into Therapy Routines

Motivational Break

Using martial arts as a break from more intensive executive functioning drills can re-energize students, making therapy sessions more dynamic and enjoyable. This approach leverages the intrinsic motivation of martial arts to enhance overall engagement with therapy.

Complementary Daily Lesson Plans

Our martial arts curriculum complements the therapeutic goals of ABA programs, such as improving focus, following instructions, and increasing physical coordination. By integrating daily martial arts lessons, RBTs can provide a holistic approach to development.

Encouragement Beyond Sessions

The program encourages practice outside of therapy sessions, facilitating independence and allowing students to progress at their own pace. This extension of therapy into the home environment reinforces learned skills and promotes a routine of regular practice.

Facilitate with ease

Eliminate the practice of outsourcing sensory integration activities and adaptive physical education. Optimize revenue growth by harmonizing the skills of BA’s and RBT’s with the most effective Martial Arts tools designed specifically for you.

Easily incorporate martial arts

into existing sessions with a flexible 15-minute extension for martial arts training.

Enhance session value

and therapeutic impact without significant changes to your current practice structure.

Enhancing Occupational Therapy with Martial Arts Integration

Enhance therapeutic outcomes

by integrating martial arts into your practice.

Complement traditional therapy

with physical activity that promotes motor skills, focus, and self-discipline.

Innovative approach

to support the holistic development of clients with autism and other special needs.

Empowering Therapists & Clients with Martial Arts


Expand your therapy toolkit with martial arts to offer a unique, engaging modality to your clients.


Build empowerment and confidence in your clients, helping them to overcome challenges inside and outside the therapy room.


Support emotional and cognitive development alongside physical skills, tailored for individuals with autism.

Facilitate with ease

Utilize interns and assistants to generate additional revenue for your business.

Easily incorporate martial arts

into existing sessions with a flexible 15-minute extension for martial arts training.

Enhance session value

and therapeutic impact without significant changes to your current practice structure.

Seamless Integration into School Physical Education

Weekly Coordination Challenges:

Designed to complement the school curriculum, focusing on developing key motor skills and coordination.

Review and Progress Sharing:

Allows for the celebration of individual and class achievements, promoting a positive class atmosphere.

In-House Program Management:

PE instructors receive comprehensive support and resources, ensuring the program’s success without requiring external expertise.

Parental Visibility

Progress and achievements are memorialized for family and friends to celebrate journey and accomplishments

From Student to Mentor

  • Began his Martial Arts journey at Las Vegas Dojo
  • Moved to Pennsylvania due to Father job transfer
  • Was first student to utilize full Achieve Online Platform
  • Flew to Las Vegas in October 2023 to test for Black Belt
  • Graduated top of his class
  • Now grades and mentors students virtually from his east coast home


  • Online Badges and Leaderboard
  • Participation Across Diverse Regions
  • Global Achievement Network

Transforming Challenges into Triumphs

Providing the Martial Arts Tool to the Experts that can Utilize it Most Effectively

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